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Ready for the upturn with new products and improved infrastructure

Despite the restrictions due to COVID-19, TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP has held onto the objectives for 2020. In the course of the year, the company will introduce a variety of new products onto the market. Furthermore, the company premises are currently being expanded: A test and development center and a new logistics center are being established in Wenden-Gerlingen.

“All these measures have a common goal: We want to be ready when the economy recovers,” says Henning Preis, CEO of TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP. “Our customers profit most from sophisticated cable carrier systems offering them a genuine added value. This is why we are going to present many innovations from different product groups this autumn. And we are investing in new constructions on our company premises.”

The development of new products has always been a major priority for TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP – the innovations available as of autumn will also be proof of this. Consequently, the company has invested in a new test and development center on approx. 500 m², which will open up completely new possibilities: there we can perform static and dynamic tests of components, assemblies and products. TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP wants to use the state-of-the-art facility for the development and testing of prototypes and customer-specific solutions, test setups and prototype construction.

The new logistics center is expected to help structure the storage more clearly and to further improve the delivery capacity. The preparation of customer-specific products will also be easier, so individual projects can be realized more quickly. Both the logistics center and the test and development center will be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

By the way, the Employer Branding campaign continues unperturbed by COVID-19: TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is thus positioning itself as a modern and attractive employer in the region.

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