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Heavy duty cable carrier TKHD90-R

Our „long distance specialist“ marked with “R” – like integrated rollers


TKHD90-R | Rolling instead of gliding

  1. Large additional loads
  2. Solid sidebands through robust double-fork-bracket construction
  3. Integrated roll

Whether Ship to Shore (STS) crane, bulk material handling or other long distance applications – this is the stomping ground of our new TKHD90-R, our proven “long distance specialist”. Rollers integrated into the chain enable the cable carriers to easily master particularly long distances. The rollers have bearings made of stainless steel and are maintenance-free.

What makes the rolling chain application special?  Undesirable lengthening due to wear is prevented and up to 90% less effort is required compared to a gliding application – which saves energy.

High travel speeds and accelerations are also no challenge for our TKHD90-R. The cable carrier overcomes long distances smoothly and with low vibration.

Another advantage for you as a customer:
a much easier installation! Because the chain can simply run in existing guide channels, for example in case of a retrofit. This saves time and money as the retrofitting effort is minimal. We offer guide channels made of steel or seawater-resistant stainless steel and aluminium for all kinds of replacements and new installations.  A corresponding housing is also possible.

As usual, this cable carrier is also available as ready-to-install system. We offer systems with warranty and support your projects form the first draft to the final acceptance. Upon request, our experienced serve team carries out the installation at your site.

  • Suitable for all long travel applications
  • Linear force transmission and integrated dampers for smooth and low-vibration running performance
  • Double stopper system and reinforced pin bolt connection
  • High additional loads possible
  • High travel speeds and acceleration
  • Easy access to rollers
  • Space-saving and cost-optimized
  • Long service life – low maintenance
  • Less push/pull forces
90 mm
Inner height
87 mm
Inner widths
100 - 800 mm
Bending radii
250 - 500 mm


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