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New Cable carrier UNIFLEX Advanced 1775

Our successful cable carrier in new size – more height, more width – simply more space for medium and large cable packages.



  1. Smallest bending radius for cable carriers of this size
  2. Connections made of high-strength plastic for direct screw connection
  3. Wear-monitored glide shoes available for ALL stay variants

In addition to more generous dimensions, the UA1775 convinces with its particularly smooth running and its long service life. The low-distortion design ensures for stable chain bodies and thus less wear.

A bonus for the environment: we manufacture this cable carrier with up to 35% of regrind!

Proven and popular - the well-known quick-opening system. No need to say that we have retained this feature for the new size. It allows quick, easy and time-saving cable laying. Merely two movements and a screwdriver – that is all you need. Particularly convenient: Even when open, the crossbar remains attached to the chain link. And if necessary, it can easily be removed by unscrewing.

The UA1755 can be ordered by meter ex stock or as ready-to-install system. Upon request, our competent service team carries out the professional installation. Furthermore, the matching guide channel can be ordered right away. It is optionally made of aluminium (TKAL) or steel/stainless steel (TKSG).

  • Use of up to 35% pure regrind
  • Rear grips at stopper system for better force transmission and higher strengths
  • Closed design with inside and outside opening crossbars and with integrated damping system
  • Glide shoes available for all types (first time!)
  • UMB connectors made of particularly resilient plastic with strength similar to aluminium for directly screwing without metal insert
  • Integrable strain relief for cable ties or LineFix clamps
  • Fixable and movable dividers and height subdivisions available
  • Lateral integration of adapter plate for mounting additional attachment parts
  • Application in 90° rotation and circular arrangements possible due to lateral wear surfaces
  • KR/RKR Applications upon request
  • Approved standardized GO module with glide-optimized chain links
77.5 mm
Inner height
56 mm
Inner widths
100 – 250 mm
Bending radii
90 – 340 mm


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