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New heavy duty cable carrier TKHD85-R

Thanks to its integrated rollers this compact and lightweight TKHD version is an efficient problem solver for long travel lengths.



  1. Integrated roll for aluminum guide channels
  2. Robust design for high additional loads

Although the name of our new TKHD cable carrier ends with an „R“, it clearly belong to the A League. OK, rather Junior A League – since it is somewhat smaller compared to its sister type TKHD90-R. With its reduced inner height of 58 mm the cable carrier convinces with a low weight on long travels.

However, in terms of performance, this cable carrier is by no means inferior. Literally, simply everything runs smoothly: Because the integrated rollers are hardly subject to wear thanks to the stainless-steel ball bearings that are maintenance-free. A rolling cable carrier application prevents from undesired elongation during long travel. This type of cable carrier system requires up to 90 % less power compared to a gliding application and thus consumes less driver power and energy. Even at high travel speed and accelerations, the cable carrier runs smoothly and with low vibrations – thus reducing the load on cable carrier and the cables inside to a minimum.

Its easy installation allows realizing even very long travel lengths. Apart from that, the cable carrier is able to run in an existing guiding channel, e.g. in case of a retrofit. This reduces significantly the retrofitting effort to a minimum – which again saves you, the customer, time and money. Channels made of steel, seawater-resistant stainless steel or aluminum are available for replacements and new installation. Sounds like a well-rounded affair, doesn’t it? We think so, too – simply A League.

  • suitable for long travel lengths (e.g. crane or bulk handling applications)
  • reduced weight based on compact design
  • efficient solution due to integrated rollers
  • massive enclosed, stain-repelled stop system
  • simple installation and commissioning
  • tested on company-own outdoor test facility
  • low push and pull forces
  • quiet and low-vibration operation
85 mm
Inner height
58 mm
Inner widths
100 - 800 mm
Bending radii
240 - 400 mm


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