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Bellows example 1
Bellows example 2


  • Simple installation
  • High travel speed
  • Minimal compression
  • High quality

Installation variants

  • Horizontal, lying
  • Horizontal, hanging
  • Vertical

Delivery options

  • For travel speeds of up to 1.5 m/s
  • Customized production
  • Available in a wide range of shapes
  • Available in many different materials
Bellows horizontal lying (1)
Bellows horizontal lying (2)
Bellows horizontal hanging (1)
Bellows horizontal hanging (2)
Bellows vertical (1)
Bellows vertical (2)

BA = Width of bellows
BB = Width of guideway
B1 = Lateral width to left guide
B2 = Lateral width to the right guide
BU1 = Lateral width of the left lower handle
BU2 = Lateral width of the right lower handle 
b1 = Left guide width
b2 = Right guide width
H = Height of the fold
H1.1 = Height above left guide
H1.2 = Height above right guide
H2.1 = Height of left bellows
H2.2 = Height of right bellows
HG = Total bellows height

h1 = Height of left guide
h2 = Height of right guide
α = Inclination 
LA = Bellows expansion = LS + LZ
LS = Bellows travel length
LSK = Machine travel length
LZ = Bellows compression
n = Quantity of folds
s = Material thickness of bellows 
SF = Thickness of end flange
SS = Thickness of PVC support plate
v = Travel speed of bellows
Z = Extension on the side of the bellows

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