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Guarantees for high machine availability

The Waldrich Siegen portal milling machines are available as gantry and tabletop models. All of the main assemblies consist of high-grade cast iron. Together with the robust construction, the fully hydrostatic design of all axes ensures an extremely long service life, no backlash, highest table loads and dynamic rigidity. 

The dimensions and performance data are also impressive: The distance between the two uprights of the biggest mills is more than 10 meters and the clearance height 10 meters. The milling unit at the heart of the system features a maximum power of 120 kW on the tool.

Guarantees for high machine availability – CAPS Applications

Zahlreiche Komponenten von KABELSCHLEPP® wurden verbaut – von Energieführungsketten über Teleskopabdeckungen bis hin zu Späneförderern.

Bed cover on a ProfiMill – CAPS Applications

Bettabdeckung an einer ProfiMill.

The machine axes are sealed by telescopic covers to prevent cooling lubricant from mixing with hydrostatic oil. In addition to the regular seals, the rear walls and the sliding elements of the upright covers are customized designs which carry off the coolant directly.

Operation of the portal milling machine produces up to 1.3 T/h of cast iron and steel chips. To handle this volume, two parallel hinged conveyor belts are positioned alongside the machine to pick up the chips.

Bed cover on a ProfiMill 2 – CAPS Application

Bettabdeckung an einer ProfiMill.

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