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Very quiet operation on the fast-moving portal milling machines

Modern 5-Axis portal milling machines efficiently produce high-precision workpieces. The process speed generated of up to 30 m/min. and more place high demands on the telescopic covers installed to protect the guideway. The proven synchronizer (harnesses) provide uniform movement of all boxes and ensure a collision-free process. Disruptive impact pulses are reliably prevented.

Very quiet operation 1 - Very quiet operation
Very quiet operation 2 - Very quiet operation

All cover boxes are uniformly moved during expansion and compression. The individual boxes move relative to one another, only at a differential speed. The force peaks generated when the telescopic cover boxes impact each other do not occur. The disruptive impact pulse of the boxes are eliminated.
High process speeds of up to 200 m/min. are possible.

Cover boxes 1 - Very quiet operation
Cover boxes 2 - Very quiet operation

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