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Modular conveyor systems

Hinged belt conveyors in modular design

Using standard assemblies enables us to transfer our production methods to any global production site within the group of companies. Thus, we realize a production nearby and guarantee shortest delivery times. Any time just where you are.

Configurable from standard modules:

  • Discharge unit
  • Tank
  • Feeding unit
  • Color according to RAL
  • Options (exemplary)
Modular conveyor systems Sample 1
Modular conveyor systems Sample 2
Our modular system provides numerous opportunities to adapt the conveyor to your individual application.
  • Cost-effective standard assemblies
  • Numerous configuration options
  • Replacement of single modules possible 
  • Concept is extendable
  • Delivery in operational condition
  • Reduced downtime
Every production machine requires a disposal system

In the metalworking industry, tonnes of metal chips are produced every day at cutting machine tools. We offer the right ­chip removal system and the suitable conveyor for your specific application.

  • For disposal of chips at machine ­tools
  • For transporting metal scrap and chips away from saws
  • For disposal at stamping presses and laser cutting systems
  • For disposal of edge scrap at trimming shears in coil cutting systems
  • For transporting away casting waste in foundry lines
Modular conveyor systems Explanation
  1. Rotation control
  2. Fine filter
  3. Pump (high/low)
  4. Lubrication
  5. Curved section
  6. Choice of color according to RAL
  7. Feeding unit
  8. Tank
  9. Discharge unit
  10. Level monitoring
  11. Chip container
  12. Motor with friction clutch and sensor

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Accessories and system components

Upon request, we can supply the right accessories and corresponding system components for your individual application. We are happy to assist you with planning and operational implementation of your project.

Accessories and system components

Service and spare parts

Even if installation conditions are difficult, our service team handles planning and installation of guideway protection and conveyor systems.

  • Repair Service
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Turn Key Solutions

The experts at out our Service Center provide the support you need.

Service and spare parts




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