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Transverse beam covers

Telescopic covers for transverse beam.

Explanation of terms

Telescopic covers Transverse beam covers

BA = Maximum width of the telescopic cover
BB = Width of guideway
BU1 = Width of undergrip – left
BU2 = Width of undergrip – right
h1 = Thickness of upper bundle of metal sheets
h2 = Thickness of side bundle
h3 = Thickness of undergrip bundle
H1.1 = Height of telescopic cover above the contact surface – left
H1.2 = Height of telescopic cover above the contact surface – right
H2.1 = Height of side leg piece – left
H2.2 = Height of side leg piece – right
HG = Total height of telescopic cover
Z1 = Console metal sheet extension
Z2 = Support metal sheet extension
v = Travel speed

LSK = Machine travel length (The distance that a moving machine component travels from one end position to the ­other.)
LA = Maximum extended length of the telescopic cover
LS = Travel length of telescopic cover

LS = LSK + reserve

LZ = Compression (If the individual sheet metal elements are compressed in an end position, then the compression is the length of the bundle of metal sheets.)
n = Number of metal sheets
s = Metal sheet thickness
D = Sheathing (non-expandable metal sheet length)
UE = Distance between the metal sheets at the support
X = Gradation of metal sheet at the driver wipe
I = Metal sheet length (The relationship between the metal sheet length and metal sheet width is selectable up to a ratio of 1:8.)


Telescopic covers Transverse beam covers variants Q1
Telescopic covers Transverse beam covers variants Q2

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