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Sustainable cable management system solution for cleanroom applications

FLATVEYOR ZP combines the advantages of a FLATVEYOR (flat cable system) with the structure of a cable carrier. FLATVEYOR ZP reduces the downtime and improves the productivity. Users benefit from a simple replacement process for cables and hoses. In addition, existing cables and hoses can be installed, which reduces costs and provides more sustainability in procurement. There is no need to replace the entire sytem. 


  • No friction occurs: Clean class ISO Class 2 based on in-house test results
    Solve particle issues generated from the friction of cable carriers and cables
  • Very easy & convenient to replace and use your own cables and tubes at your site
  • The particularly durable and smoothly moving hoses can be easily opened and closed with the supplied  tool
  • Sustainable & Cost down!
  • Cable replacement does not require changing the complete system
  • Quiet
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Specifications can be determined easily and quickly
Opens outward
Clean room suitable
Quiet running/low noise
Low weight

Design Structure

  1. Openable tubes
  2. Very easy to close for openable tubes with a supplied tool
  3. Stopper for support members
  4. Support members on both sides for a free-standing guiding
  5. Covered tube for support members

FLATVEYOR ZP is a free-standing flat cable system with internal support members to keep straight movement with a high speed.

FLATVEYOR - free standing flat cable system

No hopping, No sagging, No falling over sideways!
The support members act as reliable guides which can be moved in one direction along the intended minimum bending radius, whereby the cables and tubes are guided reliably.

About the openable tubes

  • Tsubaki Kabelschlepp’s original tube with excellent flexibility, durability and smoothness
  • Zip structure is a very flexible to open and close, but does not open when moving due to the high durability by our original tube
  • 2 Support members with both sides + openable tubes
  • Openable tubes: Selection is available from 1 to 8
  • Color: White or Black are a standard model color

How many cables can we insert to 1 tube?

Outer diameter of cablesNumber of cables per tube 
< 4 mm3
< 13 mm width when placed side by side2
< 11 mm1


Basic Specifications

FLATVEYOR ZP Basic specifications
Maximum travel stroke (mm)
Support member bending radius KR70: 1600
Support member bending radius KR100: 1800
Support member bending radius KR130: 1800
Maximum travel speed (m/sec)
Maximum acceleration (G)
Operating temperature range
-10 to 60 degree
Maximum outer diameter for cables/tubes (mm)
Estimated maximum width (mm)

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Product Configurator
Product Configurator

Product Configurator

  • Efficient, quick and complete configuration ­ the result is your individual product with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • Product configurator OnlineEngineer + suitable CAD model from CADenas without having to exit the portal


  • Decrease your engineering times
  • Accelerate your design processes
  • Configure with original data directly from the manufacturer
  • Providing 3D component models in a variety of CAD formats


Cable Carriers – Overview of general abbreviations and pictographs

Technical information
Technical information

Technical information

Configuration guidelines:

  • Selecting a suitable cable carrier
  • Placement guidelines for cables and hoses
  • Installation variants


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