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QUANTUM® series

Light, extremely quiet and low-vibration for high speeds and accelerations

  1. Universal end connectors (UMB)
  2. Aluminum stays available in 1 mm width sections
  3. Aluminum stays in reinforced design
  4. Plastic stays available in or 16 mm width sections
  5. Can be opened quickly on the inside and the outside for cable laying
  6. Fixable dividers
  7. Replaceable glide shoes
  8. Strain relief combs
  9. C-rail for strain relief elements

Virtually no polygon effect

QUANTUM® Low-vibration operation

Cable carrier with polygon effect


  • Cleanroom compatible: no links, no link wear
  • Extremely quiet, 31 db (A)*
  • Extremely light
  • For high accelerations up to 300 m/s2
  • For high operating speeds up to 40 m/s
  • Extremely long service life: ≥ 25 million motion cycles
  • TÜV type tested as per 2PfG 1036/10.97
  • Large selection of stay systems and separating options for cables

* Tested: Q060.100.100 by TÜV Rheinland. The sound pressure level for the measured area was measured at a distance of 0.5 m for smooth and jerky movements.

Inner width (B<sub>i</sub>) in 1 mm increments
Inner width (B<sub>i</sub>) in 8 mm increments
Inner width (B<sub>i</sub>) in 16 mm increments
Long travel length
Opens inward/outward
Sliding dividers
Fixable dividers
Height separation possible
Clean room suitable
Quiet running/low noise
Low weight
QUANTUM series Features 1

Ideal for highly dynamic applications

QUANTUM series Features 2

3D movements: the driver connection can be moved laterally and can be rotated by up to ± 30°

QUANTUM series Features 3

Side bands made from special plastic and steel cables in the support floor for an extremely long Service life

Cleanroom compatible and long service life

Continuous side bands are used. In contrast to conventional hole-and-bolt connections, hardly any wear occurs (link abrasion), which makes QUANTUM® ideal for use in cleanrooms.

Extremely long service life through

  • No link abrasion due to absence of hole-and-bolt connections
  • Continuous side bands made from special plastic with integrated steel cables

Ideal for highly dynamic applications – extruded side bands

The QUANTUM® runs extremely quietly and with low vibrations. The absence of links and the very small pitch means that the so-called polygon effect is reduced to a minimum. Due to the very quiet running, the QUANTUM® cable carrier system is ideal for applications with low-vibration linear drives.


QUANTUM series Q040


Inner height [hi]:
28 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
28 – 284 mm
Pitch [t]:
15 mm
Bending [KR]:
60 – 180 mm
more details
QUANTUM series Q060


Inner heights [hi]:
38 – 42 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
38 – 500 mm
Pitch [t]:
20 mm
Bending [KR]:
100 – 300 mm
more details
QUANTUM series Q080


Inner height [hi]:
58 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
50 – 600 mm
Pitch [t]:
25 mm
Bending [KR]:
170 – 500 mm
more details
QUANTUM series Q100


Inner height [hi]:
72 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
70 – 600 mm
Pitch [t]:
30 mm
Bending [KR]:
180 – 600 mm
more details
Q040 28 28 – 284 15 60 – 180
Q060 38 – 42 38 – 500 20 100 – 300
Q080 58 50 – 600 25 170 – 500
Q100 72 70 – 600 30 180 – 600


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Reliable unrolling and optimum gliding for long travel lengths

to Support trays
to Guide channels

For optimum placement with dynamic use of cables

to Strain relief devices


Product Configurator
Product Configurator

Product Configurator

  • Efficient, quick and complete configuration ­ the result is your individual product with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • Product configurator OnlineEngineer + suitable CAD model from CADenas without having to exit the portal


  • Decrease your engineering times
  • Accelerate your design processes
  • Configure with original data directly from the manufacturer
  • Providing 3D component models in a variety of CAD formats


Cable Carriers – Overview of general abbreviations and pictographs

Technical information
Technical information

Technical information

Configuration guidelines:

  • Selecting a suitable cable carrier
  • Placement guidelines for cables and hoses
  • Installation variants


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