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New cable carrier UNIFLEX Advanced 1995

Our proven all-rounder has grown even bigger – even more height, even more width and multiple possibilities to open it.



  1. Standardized GO module with glide-optimized chain links
  2. Fixable and movable dividers available

The new UA1995 continues the success story of the UNIFLEX Advanced series – according to the motto “think big”! Because this time we have thought in large dimension indeed and have created plenty of space for all kinds of cables and hoses. This is our response to our customers needs: After all, modern machines provide more integrated features while improving their output. This means also growing requirements for both – cables and cable carriers. With its extra space, the UA1995 is well prepared for future tasks in the machine tool industry – on a global scale. The four-part chain links can be stored and transported in a space-saving manner and are very easy to install on site.

Speaking about installation: For a quick an easy cable laying, we offer UA1995 in an additional version that can be opened on both sides. In general, the cable carrier is easy to handle. Additional features are that it is also particularly smooth-running and low-wear – truly a real all-rounder!

Last not least, we have of course considered environmental aspects as well. By using up to 35 % of pure regrind, the UA1995 is particularly sustainable. Because one thing is clear: We don’t just think big, we think green!

  • four designs: closed, and openable to the inner or outer side or to both sides
  • UMB connectors made of sturdy plastic (strengths comparable to aluminium)
  • rear grips at stopper for better force transmission and higher strengths
  • low-wear, cable-friendly design with smooth surface
  • gliding shoes available – optionally with automatic wear monitoring
  • suitable for lying and circular applications
  • optimum smooth running due to small pitch of 99.5 mm
  • strain relief for LineFix clamps can be integrated
  • polygon-optimized bending radii for smooth and low-wear chain running
99.5 mm
Inner height
80 mm
Inner widths
85 - 250 mm
Bending radii
150 - 500 mm
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