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Wave-belt conveyors

No hinge - low wear

Chips and dirt can accumulate in the hinges in conventional hinged belts. The WAVE-BELT system is supplied without hinges on the top of the belt and is therefore smooth in this area. Chips and dirt cannot get jammed up. Due to the WAVE SHAPE of the belt plates, there is hardly any gap between the plates. This makes the belts denser, more durable and creates less maintenance. Further developed side boards avoid jamming of conveyed material and reduce the risk of wear and failure. The DST version is utilized as a standard application for the WAVE-BELT belt.


  • Extremely stable due to the special shape of the panels
  • Standardized housing cross-section with variable width
  • Robust connect-in transmission motor with torque arm
  • Customer-specific discharge height
  • Customized incline angle - 15° and 30° as standard
  • Floor-mounted or as an insert into the machine bed
WAVE-BELT conveyors Sample 1
WAVE-BELT conveyors Sample 2
WAVE-BELT conveyors Sample 3
WBC Wave-Belt Conveyor


Dimensions of conveyor housing
WAVE-BELT conveyors Dimensions conveyor housing Side
WAVE-BELT conveyors Dimensions conveyor housing Possible inclines

Possible inclines

WAVE-BELT conveyors Dimensions conveyor housing Front
WAVE-BELT conveyors Dimensions conveyor housing Standard version

Standard version

WAVE-BELT conveyors Dimensions conveyor housing custom version

* The box height can be retracted on request.

Variable dimensions:

BSCH = Conveyor belt width
BK = Box width
BAG = Feed width
HB = Panel height
AAV = Distance between axles, vertical
LAG = Feed length
LAW = Discharge length
LG = Total length of the conveyor
α = Incline angle

Design-dependent dimensions:

HK = Box height
HKE = Retracted box height
LA = Length of the tail (discharge, incl. tensioning distance)
LU = Length of the tail (feed)

The tensioning station is located at the discharge.

Preferred dimensions
LAW min
WBC 0634080150216153500240111
Dimensions of the WAVE-BELT
WAVE-BELT conveyors Dimensions WAVE-BELT 1
WAVE-BELT conveyors Dimensions WAVE-BELT 2
WBC 06363421


t = Pitch
BSCH = Conveyor belt width
SSCH = Plate thickness of the belt
HS = Height of the side board
BK = Box width
BAG = Feed width
HB = Panel height

Dimensions as a function of the WAVE-BELT width
WAVE-BELT conveyors Dimensions WAVE-BELT 3
WBC 063 165, 315, 415,
515, 615, 1065,
1665, 2115
285, 435, 535,
635, 735, 1185,
1785, 2235
130, 280, 380,
480, 580, 1030,
1630, 2080

All electrical components in CE design.
Additional local specifications on request. Please contact our support-team.

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