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RSC – Roller Supported Chain

Cable carriers on rollers for particularly long travel lengths

Rolling instead of gliding – the proven principle for reduced friction

Cable carriers on rollers are a secure and reliable solution wherever a gliding system cannot be installed due to very long travel lengths or strong friction. On the RSC, the upper run does not glide on the lower run but on rollers. The rollers are mounted in roller bearings on the side of the cable carriers and permit very long travel lengths, for which substantially less drive power is required. The tensile/push forces are decreased by up to 90 percent compared to gliding arrangements. Available for the types M0950 and M1300.

Roller supported chain Rolling
Roller supported chain Easy maintenance
Lower costs and shorter maintenance times

If rollers are worn out, they can easily be replaced during maintenance. This means that time-consuming and expensive replacement of the complete cable carrier is no longer necessary. Notches in the channel allow easy visual checks and the rollers are easy to access. That saves time during maintenance and repair work. 

Quiet, low-vibration operation

The rollers run on the guide rail and do not knock against other rollers. Ball bearings and a plastic roller surface support quiet, smooth operation.

Easy maintenance – rollers can be replaced without having to replace the side bands

Cable carrier on rollers (RSC)
  • Suitable for all required travel lengths
  • 90 % lower tensile/push forces than with gliding arrangement and therefore significantly less drive power required
  • Quiet, low-vibration operation
  • Space-saving and cost-optimized through short loop overhang – minimum station length
  • Rollers do not knock against each other
  • Long service life – low maintenance
  • Easy access to the rollers
  • Minimized strain on cable carrier and cable carrier
  • Low push/tensile forces
  • High travel speeds and acceleration
  • High additional loads possible
  • Use of proven standard cable carriers
  • Cable carrier cannot rise up
  • Variable profile lengths, adapted to your connection points 
Automatic outdoor test facility
Roller supported chain Outdoor

TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP stands for high quality and reliable solutions. Our outdoor test facility offers realistic test conditions to ensure compliance with the highest standards. Gliding and roller systems with travel lengths over 100 meters as well as high-speed applications are tested by our experts under the toughest conditions.


Matching with

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Reliable unrolling and optimum gliding for long travel lengths

to Support trays
to Guide channels

For optimum placement with dynamic use of cables

to Strain relief devices


Product Configurator
Product Configurator

Product Configurator

  • Efficient, quick and complete configuration ­ the result is your individual product with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • Product configurator OnlineEngineer + suitable CAD model from CADenas without having to exit the portal


  • Decrease your engineering times
  • Accelerate your design processes
  • Configure with original data directly from the manufacturer
  • Providing 3D component models in a variety of CAD formats


Cable Carriers – Overview of general abbreviations and pictographs

Technical information
Technical information

Technical information

Configuration guidelines:

  • Selecting a suitable cable carrier
  • Placement guidelines for cables and hoses
  • Installation variants


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Product filter

Product filter

Our product filter supports you in finding the right cable carrier. Simply select your desired parameters and you will quickly get an overview of all suitable type series.

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