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Laser machining

Today, laser machines are highly automated, and this increasingly applies to the disposal of waste and scale as well. Both, hinged belt conveyors and Wave-Belt conveyors, can be used.
For your application, you can rely on our decades of experience in this area.

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Cable carriers made of plastic and steel – Cable carriers

Whether cable carriers made of steel, plastic or hybrid product – at KABELSCHLEPP® the conditions of your application determine the material. After assessing your application parameters we will recommend a product that represents the optimum in terms of load capacity, durability and longevity. The material itself is secondary. You can choose from our product portfolio of thousands of types between standard widths and individual millimeter grids – just as required.

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Ready-to-connect cable carrier systems – TOTALTRAX®

From pre-assembled cables to complex, ready-to-connect systems, from lot size 1 to series – worldwide thousands of KABELSCHLEPP systems are reliably in use. The benefits of TOTALTRAX® systems are obvious: just one person of contact, one order number, delivery just-in-time to your production facility, shortest downtimes thanks to plug&play installation.


Accessories – Strain relief devices

For optimum placement with dynamic use of cables.

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other accessories




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