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CROSS-COVER telescope cover on a tube thread cutting machine

Tube thread cutting machines can be used to manufacture, for example, so-called OCTG (oil country tubular goods) tubes for natural gas and crude oil production. KABELSCHLEPP® has developed, manufactured and delivered the XY telescope cover for these thread cutting machines. These machines use the principle of stationary tool and rotating tube. This allows the workpiece to be machined through 4 axes.

CROSS-OVER for 2x2 axes - CROSS-OVER telescopes

CROSS-COVER for 2 x 2 axes.

Kabelschlepp SXM system - CROSS-OVER telescopes


Four axle machining - CROSS-OVER telescopes

Four-axle machining.

  • Self-supporting design and guiding of the telescope covers
  • Two separately working two-axle tool carriers
  • Installation position vertically inclined by 30°
  • Coolant-tight design
  • Equipped with KABELSCHLEPP®SXM system for high travel speeds
Self-supporting design - CROSS-OVER telescopes

Self-supporting design.

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