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Business unit Conveyor And Protection Systems (CAPS)

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Guideway protection and conveyor systems

KABELSCHLEPP supplies fully developed, safe systems to protect guideways, spindles and axles from contamination and damage. Our guideway protection solutions avoid expensive downtime and facilitate optimal production processes.

KABELSCHLEPP’s product range encompasses all the main production areas – from reliable telescopic covers, way wipers and link apron covers to bellows, spring steel covers and roller-conveyor covers.

In exploring new directions we move forward with our customers, developing and manufacturing solutions for the most unusual applications. Even if your guideway is 6 metres wide, the length of travel is 40 metres and extremely high travel speeds are to be achieved, KABELSCHLEPP will provide the necessary protection solution.

For transporting chips / shavings, trimmings, metal scrap, forgings, moulded parts and plastic components we can supply made-to-measure, bespoke conveyor systems.

KABELSCHLEPP hinged belt conveyors are used for transporting chips and shavings as well as scrap or small parts from, for example, lathes and milling machines. Scraper conveyors for example are used for transporting chips from milling work, while belt conveyors are used for transporting light parts and scrap from stamping or waste from plastic injection mouldings.


High speeds, quick machining cycles, cooling water and chips: Machine tools represent a dangerous environment for people. This is why all machine tools are contained in nearly “impenetrable” housings.

These help reduce or eliminate the hazards for the persons who work with them. With the KABELSCHLEPP PROTECT-PANEL system, we offer you optimized protection for a particularly attractive price.

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