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Heavy duty cable carriers for Oil &
Gas, Mining and Drilling


Treasure hunters, watch out!

Thousand of tons of soil need to be moved or hundreds of meters deep need to be drilled to get to the precious mineral resources. Heavy machinery excavates and drills towards the underground deposits. Man and machine must perform at their maximum. These are exactly the extreme conditions where our heavy duty cable carriers are doing their best job. They are robust and durable and protect reliably sensitive cables on heavy machinery while they withstand vibrations, dust and dirt. More informationa about cable carrier systems for Oil & Gas can be found here.




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TOTALTRAX® Complete Systems
From planning to the final complete system

Use our know-how. Working jointly with you, our experienced specialists can provide pre-sale support, including planning and design services through after sales service and support.

One order, one contact person, components optimally matched to each other, including the cable and hose carrier, the electrical cables, the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and the connectors. You receive the complete TOTALTRAX® system in one delivery.

Reduce your storage costs with TOTALTRAX®. We supply all components Just-In-Time to your production facility or directly to the installation site.

Expert installation by our service team

Our Oil & Gas, Mining and Drilling specialists are located around the globe and provide comprehensive technical support and project management:

  • Intensive consultancy and site survey
  • Development and construction according to customer specification
  • Manufacturing and assembly of steel and plastic chains including all cables and hoses
  • Installation service – even under difficult heavy-duty conditions
  • Supervision of external installation work, commissioning and acceptance
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