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Corporate carbon footprint


CO2 balance, CO2 emission, carbon footprint – you name it. The important thing that we take up this future challenge.

In order to define our specific climate targets we had to determine our position in this whole process. We had to figure out our potential and what the next steps are. Therefore, we have started an energy efficiency assessment, accompanied by professionals and under the umbrella of the LANUV (our Federal State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection).

Thus, we have been able to determine our status quo, define projects to reduce emissions, initiate and partly implement such measures. Additionally, we have drawn up the CO2 balance for our main location. This includes the emissions of the main factors scope 1 + 2 referring the cradle-to-gate assessment.

As of January 1st, 2022 we have switched our energy consumption from conventionally produced electricity to 100% green power! Meaning that we reduce our emission of about 1 million kg Co2e to zero kg CO2e in one swoop. This is an important step for us towards becoming climate neutral, which we aim to achieve by the year 2045 at the latest.


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