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Environmental guideline


Environmental guideline

KABELSCHLEPP Group Companies


KABELSCHLEPP recognizes that environmental protection is a very important challenge for humankind and takes the environment into consideration in all aspects of its global business activities.

We regard it as our ongoing duty to protect the environment, to reduce the environmental impact of our company, to save resources, to reduce emissions and to generate a positive impact on society.

KABELSCHLEPP is committed to not causing harm to any person. Protecting our employees and maintaining and improving their health are the top priority.

Compliance with the applicable regional legislation and environmental regulations, statutory and voluntary obligations as well as strict adherence to our corporate ethics and code of conduct are the absolute prerequisites for our actions.


We model our guidelines on the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined by the UN in the Agenda 2030.

1. Promoting environmental protection

With the objective of preserving our global environment, we will strictly adhere to the applicable laws and agreements while continuously improving the environmental management system and establishing measures for monitoring resources and emissions.

2. Reducing CO2 emissions

In accordance with the guidelines of the Paris Agreement, we will adhere to the climate targets stipulated there and will support actions for reducing emissions.

Our target for CO2 reduction is at least 25 % by 2025 and at least 30 % by 2030, measured against 2018 as the base year. The aim is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 at the latest.

3. Reducing the environmental impact

We will continuously support, record, evaluate and improve the efficient use of energy and resources as well as the reduction of waste and avoidance of hazardous chemicals. We regard the careful use of water as our social obligation.

We will focus on our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint through longer life cycles of products and services and we will promote a recycling-oriented society.

4. Coexisting with nature

In our environment, we will be a role model for a coexistence with nature that respects biodiversity and will motivate all our employees to follow this example.

5. Developing and distributing SDG-oriented products, including eco products

In our pursuit of sustainability (for the environment, society and the economy), we will actively develop and distribute SDG-oriented products while striving to achieve economic benefit as well as a contribution to the environment and society.

6. Promoting environmental dialog

In addition to promoting sustainability training and in-house public relations for company employees, we will actively disclose appropriate environmental information to our stakeholders to strengthen the public’s trust in us and to increase awareness for environmental protection.

7. Supply chain

We verify whether environmental requirements are adhered to and supported in the delivery chain and demand from suppliers to comply with environmental targets that support our long-term objectives.

Our procurement processes consider and promote suitable environmental best practice and a commitment to energy efficiency and reducing emissions in our supply chain.


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