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Cable management for lifting
and vehicle conveyors


We lift you up!

A workplace at lofty heights somewhere between heaven and earth – whether for pruning trees, for maintenance or repair under the roof of a production hall or in firefighting. Special vehicles with lifting technology or telescopic booms take workers up to their extraordinary workplaces. On board: our cable carriers. From lifting to telescopic movements, from movable beams to rotary movements – our products follow smoothly all required movements. At the same time they reliably protect signal and control cables, electric cables and hydraulic hoses.

Up and down – again and again. Lifting, stacking, picking – industrial trucks are indispensable in intralogistics. Our products for guiding cables follow each lifting movement. Our cable carriers are robust and durable and are perfectly designed for such permanent use applications. Different types of forklift trucks ensure all horizontal, in-house transport. No matter which type you use – we support you maintaining your flow of goods.



TOTALTRAX® Complete Systems
From planning to the final complete system

Use our know-how. Working jointly with you, our experienced specialists can provide pre-sale support, including planning and design services through after sales service and support.

One order, one contact person, components optimally matched to each other, including the cable and hose carrier, the electrical cables, the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and the connectors. You receive the complete TOTALTRAX® system in one delivery.

Reduce your storage costs with TOTALTRAX®. We supply all components Just-In-Time to your production facility or directly to the installation site.

Ready-to-install solutions

  • Purchasing and handling under one material number for assembly as original equipment and for spare parts orders
  • No picking of individual parts and simplified logistics through ready-to-install cable carrier systems
  • Delivery includes substructure or assembly brackets
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