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Punch machining applications

Conveyor systems for parts and residue management at punching or tube laser machines.

Punching machines produce punched scrap and punched slugs in large quantities. Depending on the application, hinged belt or belt conveyors can be used. Talk to us, we are happy to advise you!

Selection by application

Guideline values for preselection
Type of ConveyorHinged belt conveyorsBelt conveyors
SRF 063SRF 100SRF 150GBF 113
Sheet thickness 1 mm 2 mm 3 mm 0.1 mm; max. temperature: 80°C
Length 1 – 60 m 1.5 – 100 m 1.5 – 100 m 1 – 12 m

Conveyor speed

1.2 – 10 m/min 2.2 – 12 m/min 3 – 12 m/min 3 – 60 m/min
Belt width 150 – 2100 mm 150 – 2100 mm 300 – 2100 mm 260 – 1400 mm

Deviating specifications on request

Sample applications
Punch machining applications Sample 1
Gentle transport all the way to the parts depot

The parts conveyor provides the option of gently transporting parts with high standards for surface quality out into the required parts depot. The brush rollers in the discharge area ensure that the materials being transported are transfered to the parts depot virtually horizontally.

Punch machining applications Sample 2
Punch machining applications Sample 3

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Accessories and system components

Upon request, we can supply the right accessories and corresponding system components for your individual application. We are happy to assist you with planning and operational implementation of your project.

Accessories and system components

Service and spare parts

Even if installation conditions are difficult, our service team handles planning and installation of guideway protection and conveyor systems.

  • Repair Service
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Turn Key Solutions

The experts at out our Service Center provide the support you need.

Service and spare parts




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