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Heavy duty cable carrier systems for telescopes

We’ll get you the moon and the stars!

As old as mankind – looking up at the stars. So technologically advanced – looking (and listening) into the endless vastness of space. Only possible with specially developed telescopes. They are the result of intensive cooperation between research institutes and specialist companies.

We have many years of experience in this extremely demanding field between science and technology. Our cable carriers do a fantastic job in many different research institutes across the globe. Whether locking systems for giant domes or precisely aligning parabolic mirrors and optical telescopes through rotating and swiveling – our cable carriers smoothly move these applications containing such highly sensitive technology.



TOTALTRAX® Complete Systems
From planning to the final complete system

Use our know-how. Working jointly with you, our experienced specialists can provide pre-sale support, including planning and design services through after sales service and support.

One order, one contact person, components optimally matched to each other, including the cable and hose carrier, the electrical cables, the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and the connectors. You receive the complete TOTALTRAX® system in one delivery.

Reduce your storage costs with TOTALTRAX®. We supply all components Just-In-Time to your production facility or directly to the installation site.

Expert installation by our service team

Let our service team handle the planning and execution of the installation of cable and hose carrier systems. We provide the support you need.

  • complete assembly including the guide channel and the substructure
  • uncoiling and assembling cable and hose carrier systems for telescope applications
  • accurate installation in harsh conditions at high altitude
  • commissioning and acceptance
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