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Sustainability report

Annoying duty or an opportunity for our company?
The answer is easy – it is a great opportunity, because the cost–benefit ratio of the first sustainability report is very positive. It demonstrates to our customers, employees, and the regions where we work what we have done in terms of sustainability and what we are planning for the future.
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Corporate ethics

For 14 years now, one month of the year has been dedicated to corporate ethics on TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP's fixed calendar. Each year we focus on a different topic. This February it was the topic of sustainability/CO2 reduction.
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Code of conduct

As part of the Japanese TSUBAKI Group, our Code of Conduct is based on the values of the TSUBAKI Group Policies. At its core, this deals with our unrestricted lawful behavior in all our transactions.
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Health and safety guidelines

We offer all our employees a safe working environment in compliance with all applicable laws.
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100% quality
As a subsidiary of a Japanese parent company, we apply the zero-defect concept to our work and are constantly improving our processes in order to permanently meet this requirement. Certification according to DIN ISO 9001 is proof of this.
We are aiming for certification according to DIN ISO 14001 in the short term.
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Environmental guideline

KABELSCHLEPP sees the protection of the environment as a central challenge for mankind and takes it into account in all aspects of its business activities.
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Coporate carbon footprint

Every year, we set up an up-to-date corporate carbon footprint.
Here we transparently calculate our total CO2 emissions and describe the measures and concrete savings of the greenhouse gas CO2.
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