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Condition Monitoring for the control cabinet

Better safe than sorry – this is also true for cable carrier systems. Good (to know) that we have developed something for you.



Are you the one responsible for trouble-free operations of machines and systems? Then let us take some weight off your shoulders. Because our new Condition Monitoring System does not only monitor the wear on gliding shoes of diverse cable carrier types and the push/pull forces on long travel lengths, it can also take on another additional task: You can keep an eye on the wear outside the cable carrier without any additional cables inside the cable carrier. The condition sensors are integrated into the guiding channel or alternatively into the driver sledge, so that the inner widths of the cable carrier can still be used without any limitations. Since every machine is different, you can program the systems to your needs and different applications and set the limits individually. Free switching outputs are also available for connecting the monitoring system with your own machine or systems control unit.

So, what is your benefit as a customer? Well, first of all, you can sleep more soundly – because our Condition Monitoring Systems helps you to have the cable carrier system always in view and under control. You can prevent downtimes of systems and machines, if maintenance work is carried out at an early stage and as scheduled – the keyword is predictive maintenance. All this saves you time and money. If that doesn’t make you to become a control freak.

  • accurate measuring of wear degree on gliding shoes for many cable carrier series and types
  • push/pull force monitoring system for long travel lengths
  • wear monitoring outside the cable carrier
  • for process-critical machines and systems
  • saves costs due to higher availability and predictive maintenance
  • standardized hat-rail module for installation into control cabinet
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