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New cable carriers UNIFLEX Advanced 1250, QUICKTRAX®/EASYTRAX® 0250

Our classics in new small size – fast and compact for small cable packages.



  1. UNIFLEX Advanced 1250 with closed frame
  2. EasyTrax® 0250 with flexible lamellas
  3. QuickTrax® 0250 with crossbars in two component technology

Actually, we don’t need to introduce these series anymore, since they are some of our most popular cable carriers. These next generation plastic cable carriers are well-known, amongst others, for their diversity, quality and long service life. We have now added a new family member to each product family – namely “little sisters”, which are especially compact versions for small installation spaces.

UNIFLEX Advanced 1250 closes a still open gap, because now the UNIFLEX Advanced series covers all sizes from its predecessor series. But that’s not all! It is more stable than its predecessor model and can substitute it 1:1 – without any changes to the machine, as, conveniently, dimensions and connections have been retained. The stable and closed design of this cable carrier is standard when it comes to guiding hydraulic hoses. It is especially suitable for applications e.g. lifts or vehicle conveyors.

You may also know our series EasyTrax® and QuickTrax® as „quick opener”: Each of them is designed for fast opening and thus reduces costs for repair and maintenance. EasyTrax® allows an extremely fast cable laying by simply pressing cables and hoses into its flexible lamella crossbars. QuickTrax® cable carriers have 2K crossbars with film hinges that open almost by themselves when the release mechanism is slightly pressed. This makes cable laying and substitution particularly easy. Areas of application are in printing industry, material handling, automation and the packaging industry.

  • compact size for small installation spaces
  • small pitch for smooth run
  • low vibration due to integrated damping
  • quietly operating
  • gliding surface for long service life
  • for unsupported applications
  • suitable for horizontal circular applications
25 mm
Inner heights
16.5 / 17.5 mm
Inner width
50 mm
Bending radii
28 - 100 mm
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