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ECO & €CO: Our environmental activities


Social contribution through environmentally friendly production

The Tsubaki Group works to protect the environment and reduce the environmental impact of its factories by improving the efficiency of the manufacturing performance and by developing products which effectively lower energy consumption.

Environmental philosophy

The Tsubaki Group is wholly convinced that environmental protection is an important challenge for humanity. We will not disregard the environment during any of our activities and will make a contribution to the planet with our quality work.

Fundamental environmental policy

  • We recognize the environmental influence of our factories, products and services. In the interest of environmental protection, we will use our creativity so we can capitalize on our industry leadership to reduce our environmental impact.
  • We will create a management system for environmental protection and drive continuous improvement and measures for monitoring pollution.
  • We will strictly comply with environmental legislation, regulations and rules and strive to develop good relationships with our stakeholders.
  • We will use environmental training and internal public relations to increase awareness for environmental protection among all employees of the Tsubaki Group.

Long-term objective

Significant reduction of CO2 emissions.
The Tsubaki Group drives the development of environmentally friendly products.
These so-called eco products support customers in reducing energy consumption while improving the economic aspects of their facilities.

Eco products from Tsubaki

As a manufacturer of industrial machines, systems and parts, the Tsubaki Group actively works on developing more environmentally friendly products, to help their customers implement reduced environmental impact (ecology) as well as increased economic efficiency (economy). This represents the Eco & Eco approach of Tsubaki. Tsubaki products are tested for compliance with the company's unique eco evaluation standards, which evaluate the characteristics of a product – such as its ability to reduce material use or CO2 emissions – before labeling it as an eco product. With these efforts, Tsubaki decreases the environmental impact of its facilities.

Since 2011, Tsubaki requires all newly developed products to be environmentally friendly. Once it has been established that the unique Tsubaki Eco Evaluation standards are met, the Eco products receive the Tsubaki Eco Link label. In addition, the progress of these efforts is communicated within and outside of the company.

Factors of environmental impact

The Tsubaki Group classifies the environmental factors for its controls in seven categories:

  • Protection of resources, reduction of waste
  • Energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Clean workplaces and working environment
  • Regard for the surrounding areas
  • Easy disposal
  • Reuse
  • Consideration of harmful substances
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