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QuickTrax® series

Compact and cost-effective cable carriers in two-component technology

  1. Sturdy 2-component design: hard chain body, flexible film hinge
  2. Plastic chain links
  3. Extensive unsupported length
  4. Inside space is gentle on the cables – no interfering edges
  5. Very quiet through integrated noise damping
  6. Quick and easy to open
  7. Inside/outside openable
  8. Dividers and height separations for cable separation
  9. Single-part end connectors with and without integratable strain relief


  • Extremely fast and easy cable laying thanks to crossbar with film hinge
  • Each chain link consists of two different materials: 
        – Hard chain body made of glass-fibre reinforced material 
        – Crossbar with flexible film hinge made of elastic special plastic 
  • Sturdy cable carrier design
  • High torsional rigidity 
  • Very quiet through integrated noise damping
  • Extensive unsupported length
Long travel length
Opens outward
Opens inward
Sliding dividers
Height separation possible
Quiet running/low noise
QuickTrax series Features 1

Easy to open …

QuickTrax series Features 2

… even without tools

QuickTrax series Features 3

High side stability

QuickTrax series Features 4

Reliable cable separation

Cable carrier design

Solid plastic cable carriers: chain links and end connectors made of plastic

Each chain link consists of two different materials:

  • Hard cable carrier body made of glass fiber-reinforced material
  • Flexible lamellae made of elastic plastic
Quicktrax Cable carrier design

The two-component technology of the QuickTrax®

The two-component technology of the QuickTrax® combines two seemingly incompatible features: Stability and flexibility
Cable carriers need to be extremely sturdy, with extensive unsupported length. At the same time, cables need to be inserted easily for fast cable laying. 
The QuickTrax® meets these requirements thanks to its innovative design and material combination of a hard cable carrier body made from glass fiber-reinforced material and crossbars with a film hinge made from rigid special plastic.

QuickTrax series 2K-Technology QT0320 EN

Comparison of dimensions

Identical connection hole pattern
QT03202025.532 yes
Competitive product17.52330.5 yes

Comparison of bending moment

Comparison of bending strength

Load diagram

for unsupported length depending on additional load

Quicktrax Load Diagram

Advantages over competitive product

  • 20 % longer unsupported length compared to ­competitive product
  • 33 % greater additional load through use of fiber glass reinforced plastic
  • Greater inner height
  • Low noise operation due to internal damping system
  • High side stability through locking in the stroke ­system
  • Dividers can be used for cable separation


QuickTrax series QT0250


Inner height [hi]:
17.6 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
30 – 50 mm
Pitch [t]:
25 mm
Bending [KR]:
28 – 100 mm
more details
QuickTrax series QT0320


Inner height [hi]:
20 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
15 – 65 mm
Pitch [t]:
32 mm
Bending [KR]:
28 – 125 mm
more details
QT0250 17.6 30 – 50 25 28 – 100
QT0320 20 15 – 65 32 28 – 125


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to Support trays
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to Strain relief devices


Product Configurator
Product Configurator

Product Configurator

  • Efficient, quick and complete configuration ­ the result is your individual product with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • Product configurator OnlineEngineer + suitable CAD model from CADenas without having to exit the portal


  • Decrease your engineering times
  • Accelerate your design processes
  • Configure with original data directly from the manufacturer
  • Providing 3D component models in a variety of CAD formats


Cable Carriers – Overview of general abbreviations and pictographs

Technical information
Technical information

Technical information

Configuration guidelines:

  • Selecting a suitable cable carrier
  • Placement guidelines for cables and hoses
  • Installation variants


The latest TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP information material:

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